Time Card


You are paid weekly for the actual number of hours you worked the previous week.  In order for you to receive your paycheck promptly, please follow these guidelines:


Each assignment must be recorded on a Time Card.   

All time cards must be signed by your on-the-job (client) supervisor on the last day of your assignment or at the end of the work week, whichever comes first or daily if the client employer requests. Unsigned time cards will be returned to you without a paycheck.

Each assignment must have its own time card.  For example, if you work for two different companies in the same week, you will have two time cards, one for each company.

Overtime will be paid based on the wage and hour provisions in Oklahoma.  Contact your Millennium Personnel, Inc. supervisor for more information.

You can mail or fax your time card to Millennium Personnel, Inc. at the completion your assignment or at the end of the workweek, whichever comes first. If you choose to mail your time card, be aware that it may not be delivered in time for payroll processing.

Time cards must be submitted by THREE O’CLOCK (3:00 P.M.) on MONDAY following the end of your assignment or the end of the work week, whichever comes first.  If we do not receive your time card by the deadline, your paycheck will be delayed.  It is your responsibility to have your time card at Millennium Personnel, Inc.’s office by the deadline.  

Payday is Wednesday following the week you work. Paychecks may be delayed due to holidays, inclement weather affecting Federal Express, or other circumstances beyond Millennium Personnel’s control, etc. You will be notified of delays. Your Millennium Personnel’s supervisor will also tell you when you will receive your paycheck.

You must put your complete name and signature on each time card, as well as the name of the client company where you worked.

Wages will be paid on the actual hours written on your time card and as approved by the client company supervisor’s signature.  Only documented and approved hours will be paid.  Over or underpayments due to correction of hours will be adjusted on the paycheck following the notification of such correction. 

Time cards are to be signed and dated by the client supervisor BEFORE submission to Millennium Personnel, Inc.  

The falsification of time cards is grounds for immediate termination and possible legal action if it is determined that you owe wages due to an overpayment.



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